First of all. This is my last blog from this beautiful land and because all of you believe that i truly was here- a selfie -because everybody do one. So :yes i was in Iceland too aaaand yes baby i loved it 🙂

Me in front of the sea of Reykjavik

Me in front of the sea of Reykjavik

Well last day and the museum of Rock‘ n Roll which is nearby the airport by the way .I say goodbye to this beautiful land and my new local friends S.ans G.. cu back soon guys. Love u. ☆☆⊙●■


Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros



10 Gedanken zu “Rock‘ n ‚Roll museum Iceland

  1. Enjoyable post – last time I visited Iceland (march 2014) was just before this would open – so I haven’t been there yet but it’s absolutly on the to do list – so great yu have focus, never can be too much rock’n roll in our world… 🙂

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