Andvaka (One night- one life) – Eine Nacht ein Leben / shortfilm

„Insomnia, or sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder in which there is an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired.“
(Robert M. Golub, 2012)

In loving memory of my grandmothers C. and B.
Inspired by my short- story: „Andvaka (One night one life) – Eine Nacht ein Leben“
Music and everything else: Christin Feldmann, Düsseldorf 2015
Special thanks to the bands „Augustines“ and „The Lumineers“. Their songs helping me in insomnia – nights not to go crazy.

Dear all, three month I worked for this experimental short – film, which is this time – a very personal and special one for me. The shortfilm „Andvaka (one night one life)“ based on my same titled short- story- is telling the story of a sleepless night, which sometimes feels like a whole living life. Now it´s ready and maybe you can see it on some festivals and galleries in summer and autumn in Germany…Enjoy and sleep well.

Liebe Leute, 3 Monate sind vergangen, seit ich mit diesem experimentellen Kurzfilm begonnen habe, der dieses Mal sehr besonders und sehr persönlich für mich ist. „Andvaka (isländisch: schlaflos)Eine Nacht ein Leben“ erzählt die Bilder einer schlaflosen Nacht, die sich wie ein ganzes Leben anfühlt.
Und vielleicht dürft ihr ihn dieses Jahr auf so manchem Festival oder einer Ausstellung sehen. Viel Spaß und schlaft gut!


Eyes closed. Eyes closed. Eyes closed….Waiting.

Turn to Right – turn to the left. Worrying about tomorrow. Thoughts of yesterday. Turn to the left. Old woman in a nightdress. A car driving by.

Thoughts of the band on the stage. Thoughts.

A bird cries – probably a ghost. Eyes open. Darkness. Someone who loves her, strokes her hand.  Eyes closed. Turning to the right. Turning to the left.

People laugh. Dancing. Red Lipstick. A sea of flowers. Green eyes. White dress

One tear. A car again. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Something familiar. A stranger. Happiness. Distance. Winter. A bird cries.

22 Antworten auf „Andvaka (One night- one life) – Eine Nacht ein Leben / shortfilm

  1. I believe there is an area between dreams and nightmares where something special happens. Something difficult to explain by words but which goes in a direction we are not so familiar with in our daily life, it‘ s the direction of poetry…visual poetry, musical poetry, absolute poetry…
    PS: I’m lucky, I usually sleep well…

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